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    Holiday Stressing Already? Come get a little Therapy with Mary J Blige

Holiday Stressing Already? Come get a little Therapy with Mary J Blige

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Holiday Family Time

It’s that time of the year where I usually begin to reflect, refresh and reset for the new year. The time when family gatherings happen (rather you want them to or not).

The time when cooking happens in 8-10 hour intervals.

Since our twins have gotten older I think this is the first year I haven’t felt the stresses of the holiday season. The stress of getting everything “right”, whatever “right” might be.

I work out of the home now 40+ hours a week. The last thing on my mind is preparing a complicated pinterest recipe after working 9 plus hours, including commute time to and from work.

What I need is music time.

Musically Driven

Music allows me to reflect and refresh my mind, body and soul. How about you? I’ve been musically driven as far back as my first childhood memory. In fact, one of my first memories with my husband and I was Mary J Blige’s first album, “What’s the 411″. Remember that? I hold Mary near and dear to me and my 25 year relationship with my husband. She is our “go to” artist.

Having an opportunity to review my girl new Mary’s album, of course I had to! Take a peak, take a listen and tell me your thoughts?

10 things you should know about MJB

I absolutely love Therapy. I’m sure we could all use a little bit right now especially with the holidays fastly approaching us. Honestly, amongst the African American community therapy has never been something we talked about or entertained.
I’m more than excited to see Mary not only addressing what was never really talked about in my community in the past but putting it to music. For me, Mary’s voice has always came across as being downright truthful and sincere in all that she sings about. All in all, I’m diggin Mary’s new album and loving that she chose to change her enviroment to record this album, love, love love the whole London vide that she has intertwined into this new album.

Collaborating with my boy Sam Smith is absolutely huge. Um, can we say an Amen! Give this album a listen, get into her vibe of the music and let me know your thoughts about it. I can talk music all day

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How to follow the Greatness of Mary: Mary J Blige The London Sessions Album

If you’re like me, you want more. More of Mary. Below find all the goodies on how you can stay up to date with my girl Mary J Blige on all of her social networks.

See the social icons at the top of my site, and follow me too. Sharing #ourKindofBeautiful all the time!

I participated in the Mary J Blige The London Sessions album review program as a member of bLink Marketing Network. I was provided a free album to review but all opinions are my own.

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Love is in the Air


I had a post all set for this week…until I saw this video……get the tissue, if it doesn’t make you cry happy tears it will make you want to jump up and start swaying with them. 

Solange and Julez NO FLEX ZONE from Charlotte Hornsby on Vimeo.

There really wasn’t anything else I wanted to share. Nothing more beautiful than the love a couple shares and in their own unique way, like our girl Solange.  And the video, did you love it or did you love it?  Tell me you loved it. 

One of the things my cowboy and I always talked about was renewing our vows when our twins turned 10. That mark is coming up! I’ve had the location picked out for over a decade in a half now.

So…..dream maker, if you’re listening: Here it is..


Palmilla –  to me looks a little something like this in my dreams


Image provided by LaPalmilla Media

Now, I just need:

  • my closest family and friends
  • and next year to hurry up
  • and a big money tree

To me, this video, our 10 year goal, my family…is Our Kind of Beautiful.

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The Best Buffet in Las Vegas: Bacchanal Buffet

If you followed my travel site, do you remember when I posted on the Bacchanal Buffet inside of Caesars Palace?  I can honestly say that after experiencing it first hand this past month, I now have a favorite buffet in Las Vegas.  

Why is the Bacchanal Buffet different from all the other hundreds of buffets?  

The best way to explain this is to give you this picture.  

Imagine a whole cake in front of you at a party.  You’ll need to wait for it to be cut and then served to your or if you self-serve you know you might get a different size than the next person.

The Bacchanal Buffet is the perfect cupcake waiting just for you.  A single serving on most items that are perfectly presented in a small enough portion to fill your taste buds to the max.  The below images were taken with my cell phone at the time and I hope you can see the yumminess that it all was.  

Do I recommend this buffet if you are visiting?  Yes, there’s nothing on the strip like it. 

Would I recommend it if you are a resident of Las Vegas?  It’s a bit on the pricey side.  At the time of this post lunch was $30 and dinner was $50.  For a special occasion, absolutely!!  This is an extremely non frugal thing for me to do so it would need to be special. 

Spending time together with family is the most priceless thing ever!  Doing it over a good meal, well….. #ourkindofBeautiful









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