Crepe Erase First Impression



Let me start out by saying…..I’ve never been a huge fan of specifics for your skin. I am however a bit more sensitive to noticing the fine lines and “dimples” that seem to be rearing their ugly heads since I’ve gotten older.  I won’t front, I’ve gotten older…LOL.  This is nothing new but I just never thought my skin would wreak havoc over time the way it has.  I eat ok, I kind of exercise but I’ve always made sure to hydrate my body with cocoa butter (my secret weapon – and it’s the real kind that’s actually like butter).  

Having all this reality shoved in my face (…dimples…a.k.a., movable skin) is not ignorable.  I absolutely didn’t hesitate when offered the opportunity to test out a product just for skin doing exactly what my newly aged skin was doing.  

So, I’m testing.  In areas that I thought would never need any additional attention other than soap, water and cocoa butter.  Crepe Erase™ – a revolutionary, new way to treat aging skin.  This is what I’m told and believe me when I say, I ran to the opportunity.  

Crepe Erase™  is a 2-step system that helps rejuvenate skin on the neck, chest, legs and arms (I think I even did the full check area…makes sense right). Formulated with TRUFIRM, Crepe Erase works to visibly smooth, firm and lift dry and aging skin.   This is how simple they say the steps are:

Step 1, the Exfoliating Body Polish, gently exfoliates dead skin cells to help reveal smoother, younger looking skin while Step 2, the Intensive Body Repair Treatment, works to firm and tighten skin. Crepe Erase allows you to pamper yourself in a spa-like treatment at home. Relax, take a luxurious bubble bath, exfoliate and begin to reveal younger looking skin.

I will be honest, if I Immediately opened the body wash and didn’t like the smell; I would have put it back in the box.  BUT, it smelled amazing!!  So much that I couldn’t even wait to put the body cream on.  Which, by the way made my skin feel like a babies bum.  Smooth and silky but not oily.  

So, I trying.  I’m trying a  new product…….Results to follow


The Reveal of Sexy “Garage” Windows


If you read my first post…..(pause for read)……you know how I feel about the garage windows.  Just because windows happen to be in the garage doesn’t mean, they make the curb appeal of your home even more enhanced.  It’s obvious your windows can have a negative affect…just by looking my sad yellowing plastic blinds. 

So let’s keep it simple.  These magical blinds will do:

  • What the corded ones did but look neater
  • Will give you all kinds of curb appeal for any of your windows
  • Not break the bank to have your house look like all is in order in the interior :-)

If you’re looking for blinds that will:

  • Block the light (but not make your room black)
  • compliment your existing window coverings
  • Easy to install without a bunch of tools
  • Easy to use daily

THAN this is your find!!


I’m not big on selling people.  Proof is in the pudding and this pudding taste good!



If you’ve entertained the idea of new window coverings, check these out!  Thanks Leveler and Lowes for making my curb appeal fresh and revived. Read more about your choices  HERE.

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Garage Windows Can Be Sexy Too! | Levolor Cordless Blinds




The Problem.  

Need I say more.  I’m so in love with our forever home.  I still after two years can hardly stand the joy!  When we bought this sexy beast, the two windows in the front of the house had no blinds.  Now, probably because those two windows belong to a garage and there really isn’t anyone going to see them (except the all day passer byers that drive by).  Of course since we were just focused on the inside of the house, we threw up some cheap-o on sale special plastic blinds.  

Cue sad sob music!  Look at those pitiful things.  I will divulge – they started out WHITE!  I know, I can barely believe it myself.  It only took two years for these plastic cheap-o’s to yellow.  I drive right into the garage everyday and turn my head hoping not to see how my beautiful white shutters in every other window of the house don’t really pronounce the fact that our two front windows are yellowing. 




The Solution. Levolor Cordless faux wood blinds

I have no problem is trying to “SEXY-up my garage windows, not at all.  Levelor® thought the same thing.  The opportunity to try out the absolutely stunning and affordable Levelor® cordless faux wood blinds was more than perfect for this space.  Just take a peak with this link (a TON of choices) and the image below.  NO CORD(s)!!!  You simply, pull or push and twist to allow light in.  Um, yes and please!!



Guess what?  We got’em.  What color?  Well, white of course.  Right?  Would you have gone with a darker color even though all the other windows have white shutters?  Curious to hear your thoughts.

Since our fabulous cutter (she was a bit camera-shy) was cutting our blinds – for FREE – mama had to check out another item to finish the sexy in the garage.

Since I’m here….right???  Don’t mind the crazy attire.  It’s how you dress when you come to the lumber/hardware store.  That sexy piece behind me…he would be all mine.  Celebrating our 25th this year…woot woot!!


The Install.




Having those yucky blinds down were already a huge improvement.  Wouldn’t you think?  Seriously, I can’t believe I waited this long to remove those hideous things.  

Stay tuned…..why?  The reveal of the garage space with the ever so sexy Levelor® Cordless Faux Wood Blinds installed.  A and men!

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