Black & White

Sometimes it’s better to look at things in its black and white form.  


Because there are no distractions.  Nothing to cloud our perception of what is really in front of our eyes. 

Black and White Images

My sister. Without going into a lot of detail, this is her. In her simplest form. 

Her lashes are what I remember most when I think of my childhood.  I remember looking at them when she slept while in the hospital. I remember thinking, “are my lashes that beautiful.” 

My sister and I have a lot of complication – which siblings do not?

But when I strip all that away, and see her for her.   I see – Her.


Going into the weekend, open your eyes.  Open your mind to what the beauty is in your now. Your this moment. And share it with someone, someone you love, trust and want to share it with.  It makes it that much sweeter.


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Blogger Who? An intimate “why do I blog” Interview/post

Firstly….did you notice anything different?  Different digs.  New URL…wooohooo!!!  

As a veteran blogger of over  9 years, one of the things we as bloggers are constantly told is to be consistent. Be the same you all the time. Because after all, who wants to read someone that is constantly changing the venue, changing the menu or the content?

Well guess what?  I’m not like all other bloggers. I change, my life changes, my world evolves. I grow, I learn, I evolve.

Now, I’m sure this has and will continue to be perceived as the worst way to gain followers – if this is something you choose to do.  After all, what am I blogging for?  Who am I blogging for?

Stripping that question down to the bare studs requires a ton of soul searching.  AND, I’ve done just that!   Always doing it. Always trying to be the best me possible.  Trying to find my purpose in life. For some, it’s easy and they know.   However, for me, it’s been and will be a life long journey. One that I welcome and love to share through this world I call blogging.


Why do bloggers blog – The Beautiful Blogger

Age old question this one, well as old as the world of blogging is. Why do bloggers blog?

To share of course.

We  have something to say and we love to share.  We want to share…we need to share.

I started my first blog to share pictures of our twins when they were first born 9 years ago.  Way before anyone talked about being a blogger, about stats or media kits.

Before it was cool.

I just wanted to share.

I started The Deal Fanatic blog to share my frugal finds…that’s it.  Then, it grew and grew and became something I had no idea it would ever become.  A full-time career.   It would become the reason I began a career in Social Media for a large hotel chain outside of the home I’ve called my office for 8 years.  My blog(s) grew.  So big once starting my “out of the home” career, I had no time for the blogs I worked so hard to grow.

I needed to condense my ever evolving life.  Getting things to it’s most simplified form was needed in a bad way, and quick.  But I still needed a way to express myself, a way to share and “meeting spot” for like minded folks out there.  After all, I’m a blogger…that’s me. 

Life Happens

With all the changes happening around me, to me, beside me, I noticed my beautiful was becoming less and less like others beautiful.   Or what we traditionally call beautiful.  My house was desperately lacking in the love that it needed.  But I was ok with the new.  The beautiful that was now my everyday. 

My hair was taking a turn for the wildly different.

Day 1 begins again. Couldn’t do it any longer and cut it off. Deep conditioning w/ #sheamoisture & #castorOil

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Life was happening, in a big way but not the way everyone else’s was happening. But I liked it.  I like being the different I saw that was pouring out of me.  It’s been something that has been apart of me since the beginning.  “The different, is me.”  My kind of beautiful looked different and I’m cool with it. I can’t tell you how often I’ll post. Nope, there’s no editorial calendar. I can’t tell you strategically what time of day I’ll post, uh uh. I can tell you  that you will find everything that’s beautiful in my life. My kind of beautiful. essentially……Our Kind of Beautiful My family, my photography, my obsession for all things craigslist, IKEA, food, hair, film and music. me. The beautiful in my day. The beautiful in me. The beautiful in my family. I am a lover of love and life. I strive to find the beauty in everything.

Starting Over

Not really but kinda.  I’m not interested in hiding how I got here so if you happen to click over to my archive, you might (you will) see pictures/articles from my old sites.  The logos are still on the images so you will know exactly where the post originated from.  This is my journey.  Our Kind of Beautiful journey.

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Oh the world of social media and it’s many many outlets.  And yes, I love them all.  I’m pretty much on every network because I like to try new gadgets out.  I might not stay but I love to try them out.  For now you can find me active the most on Instagram (I have two – one public and one private). Let’s face it, in the digital era there are certain things I just do NOT want floating in cyber space without me knowing it’s stolen (I’m human).  My social icons are above the top of this blog but here’s the skinny of it all for those reading in a reader:



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The best way to grow I have found in my lives experiences is to share, compare and discuss.  I’ve grown so much from the connections I’ve made through blogging and I want to keep that momentum going.  If you’re interest in sharing your beautiful, do so.  Hashtag your pictures with 


Share and support the beauty of the different.  Hoping this new journey leads me to as many if not more wonderful relationships I’ve developed in the past. 

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GIADA at The Cromwell Las Vegas

Chef Giada De Laurentiis Reveals Restaurant Designs

6_2_14_B_giada_opens_kabik-517-EditLocated on the second floor of The Cromwell, overlooking one of the busiest intersections in Las Vegas, GIADA is one of the most highly anticipated openings of 2014. With the space’s incomparable views, De Laurentiis felt it was imperative to make sure the interior was just as dynamic as the breathtaking scenery. Incorporating elements from her travels around the world and hand-selecting each item; there was no detail too small to be considered. De Laurentiis along with husband Todd Thompson worked closely with Studio Collective agency located in Los Angeles for the overall design of the restaurant.


  1.  Breathtaking Views- With more than 20 million visitors crossing the intersection of Flamingo and Las Vegas Blvd., guests at GIADA will have a front-row view of one of the most exciting and dynamic areas in the world. The terrace will showcase priceless views of the Bellagio fountains, Caesars Palace and Bally’s Las Vegas through seven custom 12’ X 10’  remote-controlled hydraulic windows wrapping around the perimeter of the restaurant, allowing for a uniquely al fresco dining experience.
  2. Hand-selected by Giada – GIADA is completely inspired by De Laurentiis’ personality and style, with its modern, yet sleek design featuring clean lines and pops of color.  She has been involved in every design selection made for the restaurant, and has even gone as far as to test every chair in the restaurant. “I need to know how narrow, how wide, how sturdy they are. If I don’t sit in each chair, how am I going to know?” Featured art work includes favorites from De Laurentiis’ personal collection.  De Laurentiis has even included design elements such as Italian tile she has encountered throughout her worldly travels.
  3. Unique Kitchen Elements- The first feature guests experience and smell as they enter the bar/lounge space is a custom antipasti bar which encompasses separate pizza and bread ovens and a pasta stand where chefs will be rolling homemade pasta. The antipasti bar itself consists of a hammered brass bar face and a Carrara gold marble countertop, with floating glass display shelves supported with complementary brass fittings from the vaulted ceiling overhead.  On the back wall of this area are hand selected book-matched marble slabs which create the perfect backdrop.  In addition to the showcase kitchen, there are cut-outs in the back bar liquor display which provide additional views into the kitchen, allowing patrons to catch a glimpse of the chefs hard at work.
  4. Rose Gold- De Laurentiis loves gold, rose gold that is. Her affinity for the chic metal can be seen as soon as guests step into the entry way, where they will be greeted by a hand blown, rose gold tinted chandelier, which not only lights the room but serves as an art piece. Rose gold can also be seen in the hand-selected dishware and lining the custom-made dessert cart.
  5. Family Touches- GIADA will feature framed family portraits and a selection of movie posters from De Laurentiis’ grandfather, Dino De Laurentiis’ career. De Laurentiis even paid tribute to her late grandfather by naming several specialty cocktails after movies he produced, such as the Jane Fonda classic Barbarella, that are crafted with ingredients inspired by and reflective of the stories themselves.

While these are just a few highlights of what guests will experience at GIADA, all elements from the food and décor to the atmosphere will provide guests with the feeling that they are in De Laurentiis’ home and dining with the celebrated chef.

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