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Why I’m Jumping into 2017 

Absolutely looking forward to everyday in 2017.


The unknown and possibilities of course.

More family time. Healthier hair. Watching our twins blossom into young adults. Loving my husband like no time before. Growing and learning more about me and my heritage. More friend time.

It’s all so exciting isn’t it?
What are you looking forward to in 2017?

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The Truth about Marriage: 3 Questions to Think About

As young girls, we have marriage symbolized in our minds to mimic our Barbie dolls. Barbie is well put together; Ken or Ken type is well groomed. Barbie and Ken’s house; immaculate. No conversation or dialogue of any sort happens that you do not want because there is one voice. Yours.  Fast-forward to two adult lives and two kids, dog, mortgage, and full-time jobs. Ken has a slightly different appearance, and you are not a size one.  

If you’re lucky, none of that matters!   Your life mate a.k.a. best friend will be someone that is truthful to you, [...]

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IKEA Las Vegas Preview & Giveaways

It was like walking into a dream I’ve had many times before.  Finally IKEA Las Vegas opened it’s doors to ME! Well, and other media crew.  I tried snap chatting (ourkindofbeauti) …too distracted.  I tried periscoping(ourkindofbeauti)….couldn’t focus.  I just wanted to take it all in so I stopped and engaged in the moment.  I know, old school but for me; this was the place to be present.  Front and in the center of my favorite furniture places in the US.  Can’t wait and want a sneak peek of the catalog (if you don’t have one) Click HERE.

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