A Pottery Barn Kids Bassinet for Babies


My daughter has asked me a few times could we get her babies a bed.  Now, of course my first thought was absolutely because frankly, the cardboard box thing is not working for me!  First step, start looking at Pottery Barn Kids (um, because it’s our favorite store–why else).  However, after careful consideration she discovered that if we purchased a bed from PBkids, at best we could fit two of her babies or we would have to purchase multiple single or bunk beds – NOT!

Most nights her babies were in bed with her – she’s in a twin bed so that doesn’t leave much room for her little body.  So, I told her “if mommy found a bed for her babies, could we get rid of the raggedy cardboard box?”  She agreed.

When the twins were born, I purchased two bassinets for them from Pottery Barn Kids (which they only slept in for about a week if even.) The plan was, wrap the bassinets carefully and save them for when they have their own children.  Well, I got to thinking and you know what?  Why couldn’t she enjoy it now?  Why couldn’t those bassinets be the perfect place for her babies?  It could be!

- Operation: New Babies Home begun-

Peanut couldn’t be happier with her new babies bed.  Now she just places the bassinet on the floor at night and everyone has their “own” space :-)

Does your daughter have a space for her precious babies?

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GIADA at The Cromwell Las Vegas

Chef Giada De Laurentiis Reveals Restaurant Designs

6_2_14_B_giada_opens_kabik-517-EditLocated on the second floor of The Cromwell, overlooking one of the busiest intersections in Las Vegas, GIADA is one of the most highly anticipated openings of 2014. With the space’s incomparable views, De Laurentiis felt it was imperative to make sure the interior was just as dynamic as the breathtaking scenery. Incorporating elements from her travels around the world and hand-selecting each item; there was no detail too small to be considered. De Laurentiis along with husband Todd Thompson worked closely with Studio Collective agency located in Los Angeles for the overall design of the restaurant.


  1.  Breathtaking Views- With more than 20 million visitors crossing the intersection of Flamingo and Las Vegas Blvd., guests at GIADA will have a front-row view of one of the most exciting and dynamic areas in the world. The terrace will showcase priceless views of the Bellagio fountains, Caesars Palace and Bally’s Las Vegas through seven custom 12’ X 10’  remote-controlled hydraulic windows wrapping around the perimeter of the restaurant, allowing for a uniquely al fresco dining experience.
  2. Hand-selected by Giada – GIADA is completely inspired by De Laurentiis’ personality and style, with its modern, yet sleek design featuring clean lines and pops of color.  She has been involved in every design selection made for the restaurant, and has even gone as far as to test every chair in the restaurant. “I need to know how narrow, how wide, how sturdy they are. If I don’t sit in each chair, how am I going to know?” Featured art work includes favorites from De Laurentiis’ personal collection.  De Laurentiis has even included design elements such as Italian tile she has encountered throughout her worldly travels.
  3. Unique Kitchen Elements- The first feature guests experience and smell as they enter the bar/lounge space is a custom antipasti bar which encompasses separate pizza and bread ovens and a pasta stand where chefs will be rolling homemade pasta. The antipasti bar itself consists of a hammered brass bar face and a Carrara gold marble countertop, with floating glass display shelves supported with complementary brass fittings from the vaulted ceiling overhead.  On the back wall of this area are hand selected book-matched marble slabs which create the perfect backdrop.  In addition to the showcase kitchen, there are cut-outs in the back bar liquor display which provide additional views into the kitchen, allowing patrons to catch a glimpse of the chefs hard at work.
  4. Rose Gold- De Laurentiis loves gold, rose gold that is. Her affinity for the chic metal can be seen as soon as guests step into the entry way, where they will be greeted by a hand blown, rose gold tinted chandelier, which not only lights the room but serves as an art piece. Rose gold can also be seen in the hand-selected dishware and lining the custom-made dessert cart.
  5. Family Touches- GIADA will feature framed family portraits and a selection of movie posters from De Laurentiis’ grandfather, Dino De Laurentiis’ career. De Laurentiis even paid tribute to her late grandfather by naming several specialty cocktails after movies he produced, such as the Jane Fonda classic Barbarella, that are crafted with ingredients inspired by and reflective of the stories themselves.

While these are just a few highlights of what guests will experience at GIADA, all elements from the food and décor to the atmosphere will provide guests with the feeling that they are in De Laurentiis’ home and dining with the celebrated chef.

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Sultry Black Trim

Not something that I would have even thought about in the past but I can feel my taste in home decor evolving into a much more refined and attuned flavor. Our twins are getting older (9 to be exact) and there’s much more space to bring the items I would like into our home rather than what needs to be in place to safe guard things.

I accidentally had the TV on one morning and The Real Housewives of NY was on.  I saw the most combination of color in Carole Radziwill home.

Even though this video doesn’t show that gorgeous black trim in Carole’s home, it’s still worth of sharing.  Love her lingerie closet in her bedroom. Not so certain I would want to go upstairs to get my clothes but still, having its own space is pretty cool.

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Eat. for 2 under $10 Downtown LV


click-through for instagram pic

For those of who have been thirsting for culture in this city and have been in desperate need of the arts, finally it’s happening.  Our big little city is taking on a new shape and I’m happy to share my finds.

It never dawned on me that it appears we eat out lavishly (said a friend just recently).  I mean, my main blog is all about living a frugal life.  And though it’s true I haven’t been as active over there in a while, living frugally is just us.  It’s our way of life.

That being said, when I share pictures about restaurants my husband and I frequent I just realized I have been doing you a disservice.  You need to know how we do it.  Here’s the skinny on what is really going down when we eat out together.  When we dine out we have a rule of thumb, never to spend more than $10 for the both of us unless it’s a special occasion.   And I’m not truly that rigid.  If the meal is $11 or $12, that’s ok.  It’s still within reason of a doable meal for two people.


Last week we took to the vintage streets of downtown Las Vegas. There are so many amazing revitalization efforts coupled with new urbanized small business entrepreneurs, it makes me happy to be apart of the city.

Situated directly behind The Container Park, rests the newest home of chef Natalie Young’s, eat.  That’s the creative and simple name by which this  culinary entrepreneur calls her joint.   Now, I did my research about the owner ( I did, I want to know the mind behind what I’m eating) and the bar was set pretty high before I even stepped foot into eats retro doors.


Firstly, If you’re an instagrammer like myself, ask for a window seat and preferably on the west side of the restaurant.  They have amazing light by the windows for pictures.  Secondly, front and center when we walked in, there she was.  Sitting, as I’m sure she must do daily in the center of the restaurant where the bar seating is.  Now, because I did my research (you know how that is once you’ve stalked someone long enough – they become a superstar to you – well, that’s what went down)  They sat us right next to our city’s own superstar.  And because Natalie has thought of everything, there is even a red carpet-esk backdrop for photo ops with amazing light.


click-through for instagram photo


Everything!  Well, for under $10 you will be able to not only dine but you will most likely have a cute little to go cart as well.  The portions are generously laid out and hearty.  This is a kind of stick to your ribs food.

What we had:

Cowboy had:  truffled egg sandwich two scrambled eggs, wild mush- rooms, chives, feta, bacon, chive potatoes on ciabata – $12

I had:  two eggs any style smoked bacon, chive potatoes, toast  – $11

eat. breakfast

Minus the toast – click-through for instagram photo

Sadly I didn’t realize until after I completely eaten my meal, but the toast is missing from the photo.  It’s THE best and thickest wheat toast I have ever eaten in life.  It very well could be its own meal and one that would be just as filling.   Since this was a special occasion we ordered two meals but could have easily done just one.


click-through for instagram photo

We are truly looking forward to all the new, urban small businesses coming to downtown Las Vegas.  If you haven’t visited the “old” strip in a while, this is a good time to visit.

You can follow me on instagram for all public photos here.  I love interior design elements enriched into who I follow so if you love to travel, love to keep it authentic and most importantly keep it family/budget friendly, follow so I can follow back.  Joining the ladies of Instagram Travel Thursday this week.  You can find other great stories linked over at any of the fabulous bloggers. Enjoy!

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**All photos taken with my LG G2 phone and edited with pictapgo app.

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