It’s Wednesday!!!  And we are 5 days into our new home and love it!  Even if there are boxes everywhere, can’t find anything and nothing is done.  We are in love. We are up all night like little kids in a candy store thinking about what we want to do.  Not only what we want to do but how we can do it on a budget.  Doesn’t this just seem to be the case in everything now.  Everything is about keeping a budget.  If it’s not, it should be.  Here’s what we plan on tackling within the next couple of weeks:

  • Paint the kids rooms before carpet is installed
  • Paint the kids bathroom
  • Change out all the hardware
  • Change out kitchen sink {absolutely gross}  not sure what went down in this sink but we are not trying to find out.

Since carpet is going in fairly soon, we thought painting seemed like it should be on the priority list pretty high.  Now, the previous owners had 6 dogs…6! I know, I’m still in shock.  And by the looks at one of the doors in the home, they wanted out.  Out in a bad way.  So clearing the air and making it ours is a must.  Paint and carpet; priority number one.  We set aside a $100 budget for paint for both kids rooms.  This would mean:

  • 2 gallons of paint for my daughter at $25/can
  • 2 gallons of paint w/primer for my sons room at $25/can

I have had cheap paint.  Not worth my time or energy.  Our kids are hard on paint and need something that is durable, washable but not shiny {can’t deal with the shiny}.

Here’s the thing, we went into Lowe’s and grabbed 4 can’s of Olympic One Interior Satin Enamel Paint and had 2 each tinted:

  •  Butter for my daughters room {love how the light will make the yellow bright and cheery}
  • SailCloth for my son {you’ll see why in a minute, I just wanted something that was plain and clean}

Well, when we went to pick up the paint the clerk said he couldn’t get the color to match up with the swatch so he would be marking the one can down to $5.  I politely asked what he would be doing with the other can since it was mixed for us. He stated he would be marking it down too and putting it on the shelf.  Well….I took that info and ask, “well why can’t I take it?”  He said I could and we ran out of there with 4 cans of Olympic paint with primer for only $60.

You know I had a face of glee when walking out.  I always look in the clearance section for discounted paint for odd projects but it was nice to get the color I wanted for that same “clearance” price.  Happy and $40 richer, we started to paint my sons room first since we figured it would take more than one coat…and it did!

His room is a bit dark with one window and the colors of blue and brown just did not help with making it feel bigger.  I have a plan!  I want to keep it this light color so that the items I add will pop.  He’s all boy my little guy.  Being able to have dark furniture to hide his rough and touch daily moves is absolutely necessary.  Now I can’t wait to paint my daughters room.

What have you done this week?  Tips, tricks, projects…..???  I want to see.    Here’s what you do:

Do you have something your working on that your particularly proud of?  Painting your kitchen?  Staining your cupboards?  Maybe redoing your lighting.  Pinterest has been an awesome tool to find all these great things and truly I’m also secretly in love with {You can add or follow me there too}.  Have you been there yet?  I get some really great ideas there.  But for right now I do think I use Houzz more because I’m focused on house stuff.

I want to see your stuff!  I’m looking for great ideas, cool concepts,  things that you’ve tried, things your working on. I can’t wait! So, here’s what I thought we could do since I’ll be sharing updates on the house because YES…we are actually closing this week! Can you believe it. I can’t because it seems like it’s been forever. Wait…it has! A full 7 months and counting.

I want to see your stuff!  I’m looking for great ideas, cool concepts,  things that you’ve tried, things your working on. I can’t wait!  Link up your Photo or blog post for the week here so we can all see what your working on. It doesn’t have to be finished, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Just something your working on for the week and want to share. I’ll be sharing right here every week.

Show It Wednesday

Show It Wednesday

Grab a button for your blog if your participating and let’s share. Show what your working on. Frugal DIY ideas are flowing right now and I can’t wait to see what you come up with. If your a blogger and have old post…SHARE~!


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