Have you ever had a NY state of mind before?  New York site seeing can be the most rewarding thing to do as a traveler. When my husband goes to NY he always finds the most interesting spots. I’m a trained photographer and look for spots that re interesting but he just does it. Effortlessly. We usually travel with my DSLR but when he’s alone he takes our trusty Sony Cyber-shot and clearly it works just perfectly.  Look at these images for suggestions to your next NY trip.

New York State of Mind Images

There’s never a time that we have been to New York we haven’t gotten great images.  There seems to always be eye stimulating patches of art all over this town.  Rather it’s a building, a car, a person, a restaurant or a simple billboard, visual stimulation is everywhere.  The best way to explore New York, truly explore it; is to walk it. You get to take it all in with all your senses.

I can’t wait to experience New York with our children. I can only imagine how their reaction to all the hustle and bustle that NY has to offer. Eating the food and seeing all the choices. It’s an expierece

Here’s a “few” from his recent trip to Downtown NY and surrounding areas.


  • Effortlessly…these pics are AMAZING! Makes me want to hop on a plane and see all those places!

    • I know…he loves to show off with his little point and shoot. It truly does take great pictures.

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