The Legoland Hotel Grand Opening Event was more than amazing. I have the skinny on why you need to book your hotel stay at Legoland Hotel California.  We’re back from our trip and telling you that we had an amazing time at the grand opening would be an understatement.

Legoland Hotel Grand Opening in CaliforniaYou’ve read my post with all the facts about the hotel, now I’m ready to share all the un-written truths about this A-mazing hotel from my perspective and our twins.

The Why

  1. The Legoland Hotel is truly made for a family to enjoy.  Your kids are encouraged to play, act silly, pretend to be grown up and well…just be a kids!  
  2. Built in potty seats!  Yes, there are built-in potty seats for your little that can be used or pulled up out of site and use. Amazing!
  3. Showers:  the kids absolutely adored the adjustable showers so they could shower themselves.
  4. Step stools: Yep, there’s even a little stool in the restroom of your hotel room so your little one can handle things themselves.
  5. Peep Holes:  This was just the cats meow!  You can see who’s knocking at your door and so can your wee ones.
  6. Privacy:  Encouraging parents to stay out of the room is clear by the sign on the kids area and I was happy to obliged.
  7. Legoland: You are literally steps away from the park. Walk out from the cafe area and right into the park…swheet!
  8. Adult Service: There’s a nifty bar area for the adults in your party that’s not only chic but overlooking the pool.  Yes, I didn’t want to leave the /skyline Cafe.
  9. Elevators:  when I say your kids (including yourself) will never want to ride in a regular ole elevator again, I really mean it.  It will be tough.  Dancing in the elevator  because there’s rockin music puts everyone in a good mood.  Here are my bambinos rockin out with Counting To Ten’s Sir Eli

Legoland Hotel Grand Opening in California
Legoland Hotel Grand Opening in California

Legoland Hotel Grand Opening Event

NOW!  we attempted to stay an additional night but they were booked.  And not just booked through the weekend, but booked for a long while.  Go LEGOLAND!!!

Legoland Hotel Grand Opening in California\ Legoland Hotel Grand Opening in CaliforniaI finally understood the difference between a standard room.  There really isn’t a huge difference other than additional decor.  But we were really happy in our standard room above the pool, it was sweet!  Here’s a video of one of the best parts of the hotel.  I think everyone we saw get off the elevator, had the biggest smile or they were dancing.

You can totally tell my kids love to dance, they are workin it!  The tall handsome young man in the background is Sir Eli, son of CountingToTen.  So glad they could make it!  We also got to meet up with Sugar Jones…haven’t seen her since Bloggy Boot camp in 2010.  Whew…I’m getting older.

If you have any questions about this hotel, ask away…I’m fully in love and checked out every nook and cranny.

We haven’t had season passes in a year but I’m looking forward to getting them again for summer and budgeting at least two trips.  Are you doing the 52 weeks of savings?

Bookings can be made by walk-in, online at or by phone (877) LEGOLAND (877-534-6526).

Legoland Hotel Carlsbad California


*Disclosure:  My family and I have been invited by the resort to preview the Legoland hotel.  All images in this post are provided by Legoland.  All opinions are my own.  To view Our Kind of Beautiful’s full disclosure policy, click here.

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