I know our twins are super excited to stay and experience the brand spankin new Legoland Hotel in Carlsbad, CA.  But secretly……..

…..mommy can not wait!

Last year we had season passes and LOVED every bit of it!  From Nevada Carlsbad, CA is a 5 hour drive or 50 minute flight by air.  We opt for the car ride and make fun stops along the way.  Legoland Hotel in California is all set to open April 5, 2013.  Yay!

Native of Southern California I’m not at all shy to amusement parks.  Heck, they were my playground growing up.  BUT…Legoland, this is a whole different BIG beautiful dream come true.  Is your little ones (or big ones – i.e. me) a fan of Lego’s?  We are a Lego kind of family.  Now that Legoland is opening it’s first ever Hotel in the United States, there’s nothing more we need here on the west coast.

You already know we are HUGE Carlsbad California fans!  Yes, if it could be our second home it would be.  The beaches are warm, inviting and so close to Legoland.

Want to know what I’m looking forward to in this absolutely fun hotel – I mean our children are looking forward to? (lol):

  1. The kids sleeping in bunk beds – Every room has a separate sleeping area for up to three children complete with bunk beds and a pull-out trundle-bed (Score!!!)
  2. The kids looking forward to their own space in the same room (I know similar to the above but truly a double score!!) – Every room has two TVs so kids can watch movies and play games in their own sleeping area
  3. The Disco Elevator – mirror ball and flashing lights…need I say more!
  4. In room treasure hunt – My kids are still at an age where they love to hunt so this will be fun!
  5. Being greeted by a fire-breathing dragon – Just kinda cool (look for this pic on my instagram)

Wanna take a peak at the first ever Legoland hotel in the United States…..um, yes please….ok here you go:

3 stories and 250 rooms of fun…right!

There is so much to look forward to do in this hotel and I don’t want to miss a thing.

 Here’s a few absolute facts you have to know about Legoland Hotel:

  • The three-story, 250-room Hotel immerses guests in the creative world of LEGO® as it’s designed to bring children’s imaginations to life
  • Guests can choose between three themed rooms: Pirate, Adventure or Kingdom
  • Guests can choose between themed or premium themed rooms…premium themed rooms have additional LEGO models and décor such as themed wall paper
  • There are 51 premium themed rooms
  • There are 24 suites with king beds and three television sets
  • Every room has a separate sleeping area for up to three children complete with bunk beds and a pull-out trundle-bed
  • Every room has two TVs so kids can watch movies and play games in their own sleeping area
  • Every room includes a treasure chest that younger guests can unlock once they complete a special treasure hunt activity finding clues throughout their room!
  • There are at least eight LEGO models in every room
  • There are approximately 3,422 LEGO models in the entire Hotel created out of more than three million LEGO bricks!
  • The spectacular entrance leads to themed play areas, a family pool, lounge, family restaurant, LEGO models and interactive features throughout
  • Behind the reception desk in the lobby there is an entire wall created out of 6,000 LEGO Minifigures!
  • Seven of the large LEGO models throughout the Hotel are animated
  • A family of four LEGO dragons reside in the Hotel: One smoke-breathing dragon at the entrance, a playful young dragon in the lobby sits on top a handle and slowly spins it to make a LEGO river flow, a baby dragon peers over the ledge of the castle in the atrium play area and an interactive bubble-blowing dragon is taking a bath on the patio as she playfully sprays water and “speaks” to young guests
  • Inside the Castle Play area, a pirate ship with a pirate blimp attached is attempting to dock in a LEGO filled moat next to an interactive castle
  • The Castle Play area is based on the LEGO Kingdom and Pirates line with elements from Adventure
  • Young guests can raise the pirate flag by turning the captains wheel and a loud canon blast is sounded when it reaches the top
Legoland hotel in California Open April 5, 2013
Image provided by Legoland Hotel

Are you excited??  We are way excited.  And just to confirm, that is a Bricks family restaurant (get out!!).  We even attempted to book an extra night but they’ve been sold out for a while now.  If you want to book a room do it now, ….just sayin!

Bookings can be made by walk-in, online at www.LEGOLANDHotel.com or by phone (877) LEGOLAND (877-534-6526).

Legoland Hotel Carlsbad California


*Disclosure:  My family and I have been invited by the resort to preview the Legoland hotel.  All images in this post are provided by Legoland.  All opinions are my own.  To view TDFtravels full disclosure policy, click here.
  • We’ve been talking about making a trip out to Legoland and have just kept pushing it aside – but now? With the Legoland hotel? Looks like it just may be a destination in and of itself! LOL! I wanna stay there!

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