Sometimes it’s better to look at things in its black and white form.  


Because there are no distractions.  Nothing to cloud our perception of what is really in front of our eyes. 

Black and White Images

My sister. Without going into a lot of detail, this is her. In her simplest form. 

Her lashes are what I remember most when I think of my childhood.  I remember looking at them when she slept while in the hospital. I remember thinking, “are my lashes that beautiful.” 

My sister and I have a lot of complication – which siblings do not?

But when I strip all that away, and see her for her.   I see – Her.


Going into the weekend, open your eyes.  Open your mind to what the beauty is in your now. Your this moment. And share it with someone, someone you love, trust and want to share it with.  It makes it that much sweeter.


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