Planning to spend the day with an old friend felt like the right thing to do.  The only thing to do when someone you haven’t seen in a long time is getting ready to set up shop in your neck of the woods.  


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Here’s a quick play by play of my sweet morning with IKEA Las Vegas soon to come:

Arrived way too early, so early they were still vacuuming carpets.  But that’s what die hard IKEA fans do right!  Arrive early and ready to help out.  Seeing the product in the front of the tent just made me all kinds of giddy.  I felt like it was almost too real.  IKEA is going to be not far from my home and I don’t need to plan a plane right, car rental or truck to get the items I buy back home.  Can I get a what what!!!

 The 351,000 square-foot future IKEA Las Vegas, and 1,300 parking spaces, will be built on 26 acres along the northern side of Interstate-215 at Durango Drive, near Sunset Road.

There were brief commentary about how IKEA started, the name and the immense growth IKEA has take over the past decade and a half.  A few works from our very handsome Governor Brian Sandoval and then out to the ceremony of dirt as I like to call it.  

IKEA Las Vegas Ground Breaking Ceremony

By the way, the above and below images were taken with my iPhone6…they are bomb, right!!  I absolutely love my iPhone 6 more than words can say. 

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My sweet friend Mrs. Erika joined me in the festivities and I was so excited but what’s fun without experiencing it with friends.  And guess what, she couldn’t remember ever remembering an IKEA….WHAT THE?!@%$&*!!!   I wasn’t even sure how to respond other than, “I’ll be your guide.”  IKEA is my happy place and I’m sure it will soon be hers too!

The IKEA Showroom

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Image provided by IKEA

Who wouldn’t love 351,000 square feet of shopping at an affordable price? I would!!  You get inspired by IKEA just walking through the showroom.  Creativity that you didn’t even know you could have imagined.  Then…just when you thought it couldn’t get better, you hit;

The IKEA restaurant

area…WHAT 🙂  My favorite meatballs await you with mash potatoes and lingonberry jam on the side; HELLO!

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Images provided by IKEA

Once you’ve had an amazing swedish lunch, breakfast or dinner…which ever makes you happy, THEN; then you go to where all the magic happens.

The IKEA Marketplace


If your imagination didn’t run wild in the showroom, then the marketplace will make you giddy for sure. There are row after rows of items for you to fill your cart with and ideas just float in your head of how you can make that super cushy mat work.  Or what kind of dinner party you can throw if you purchased this great pack of 8 glassed for $.99 each.  It’s just going to make you love shopping.

And just in case all of that didn’t get you, it is a must to join the IKEA family.  Not sure what that is?  Let’s remedy that problem quickly!

The IKEA FAMILY loyalty program represents an opportunity for customers to sign-up for free membership (online or at kiosks throughout the store). After signing up in the store, members will get their card right at the kiosk. To start saving, all members have to do is to present their card at the time of their purchase. (Members who sign up online will need to print their card from a kiosk first.) Joining provides access to special offers and benefits such as:

  • Discounts on select products in each department, in theIKEA Restaurant and the Swedish Food Market;
  • Discount on the IKEA FAMILY department’s unique non-
    home-furnishing products available on the top floor near the Restaurant;
  • Free coffee and hot tea in the Restaurant;
  • Extra 30 minutes in Småland during non-peak periods;
  • The chance to win a $100 IKEA gift card in a monthly sweepstakes; and
  • Access to a special IKEA FAMILY website where members can find out about current offers, news about promotions and events, receive tailored savings offers based on their profiles, and view product recommendations based on their purchase history.

If you STILL aren’t convinced about IKEA and all it has, or just still not sure of what IKEA can do for your way of living, stay tuned!! If you’re a die hard IKEA lover like myself for several decades (oh dang, I just dated myself) – subscribe here, or here.

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