The best thing about having the best daddy , is having him show you what your future husband will be like. #ourkindofbeautiful

Growing up, on the weekends my father always started the day by playing music; loudly. All your favorite jams streaming through the bedroom doors and windows that were waking you up ever so gently. The smell of food cooking forced your feet to hit the floor.

I remember thinking, “who wouldn’t want to wake up with the sound of music and smell of your favorite breakfast cooking?” You knew once your feet hit the kitchen floor, there was going to be an array of tongue delights to keep your tummy happy for hours.
Grits, bacon, pancakes, eggs, fruit; cut up in the perfect round shapes. Love filling the air was an understatement; There was an abundance of love going on in this house for sure.

Windows so clean you couldn’t recognize they weren’t closed. My daddy had all of our senses awake, early in the morning before you were even fully awake.






My daddy was the person to be around. By the tone in this post so far you might have been able to figure out that I might slightly be a daddy’s girl.

I won’t lie, I loved my daddy so much growing up that I knew he was the one for me. I wanted to marry him. He was tall dark and handsome and gave me all the candy a girl could eat. He was on the husband list for sure.

Obviously this was before I grew up and realized I could not. But what he did do was set the tone for what my future husband would be. His attributes, his skill set, his demeanor and most importantly, how he loved.

I’m so grateful my daddy was not only in my life but gave me the guidance for what to look for in my future husband to be. How to be a strong woman and how to properly excel onto a freeway :-).  Just trust me, this is a good thing!

I love you daddy, Happy Birthday!


Daddy's Girl - The best thing about having the best daddy , is having him show you what your future husband will be like. #ourkindofbeautiful

…..and because there isn’t any other way to sing Happy Birthday, I dedicate this to my daddy!

  • Awww it sounds like you had a wonderful childhood. Happy Birthday to your Dad!

    • Thanks so much…he is truly the best @aracely !!

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