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Sunday in our house is hair day. I’m either, touching my hair up with Henna, deep conditioning mine or my daughter’s hair or cutting my husband and son’s hair.  Sunday = hair day, point-blank and period :-).  I almost always thought that whatever I do to my hair is good for my daughter’s hair just a little less of it since her hair is extremely fine and tangles easily.  I traditionally co-wash her hair once every 4-5 days (if it’s not a swim day).  When we received the products from Just for Me, the first thing that stood out was the pre-wash.  Pre-Washing isn’t something I do for her hair, so I had to know if it was just another hair gimmick or truly helped in the detangling process.  Any detangling is huge because I only use a bristle brush to smooth her edges, not to comb through her hair. 

Doing the 5 Finger Challenge is something I had to do. Even though I currently use my fingers to detangle her hair, I will be honest with you; I sometimes use a wide tooth comb if it’s just one of those days where the knots outweigh me and it’s going to save pain on my peanut. 

Here’s my #5FingerChallenge on my daughter’s hair.  I would love to see if you also have this product or go grab this product and try the 5 Finger Challenge on your muti-textured hair little one.  


Just for Me Products for multicultural hair#happyhairtime #5FingerChallenge #okobHair 

Pre-Wash Softening Detangler

  • I will admit, I only co-wash my daughter’s hair because it’s been my method of taking care of my own.  I know, I know her hair is different; very different so that why I was excited to see if it truly is 5 times easier detangling. This rich, creamy formula states that it to soften and smooth hair to ease pre-wash detangling and minimize breakage from combing.  Did it work?  Check out the cleansing image under moistursoft sulfate0free cleanser!

Just for Me Pre-Wash for multicultural hair#happyhairtime #5FingerChallenge

Moistursoft Sulfate-Free Cleanser

  • Before I even put theMoistursoft sulfate-free cleanser onto her hair, the water just flowed through every strand effortlessly.  Could I be in wash heaven?  I believe this prewash might have given her hair the best slip ever!!  So glad that this isJust For Me first sulfate-free cleanser! It gently cleansed her hair without stripping her hair of natural oils.  Truly was the easiest wash without a ton of effort.  

Just for Me Pre-Wash for multicultural hair#happyhairtime #5FingerChallenge

Silkening Conditioner

  • You can’t see a ton of difference through the picture, but already you can feel the hydration this silkening conditioner put in her hair.  NOT JUST SAYING THAT!!  On the bottle it reads “Moisturizes and strengthens hair by protecting against dryness and breakage”, I can see why! With their advanced conditioning technology with micro-oils, humectants and proteins ensures long-lasting conditioning benefits.

Just for Me Silkening Conditioner for multicultural hair#happyhairtime #5FingerChallenge

Hydrate & Protect Leave-In Conditioner

  • Honestly, this is my favorite.  It’s creamy, yet lightweight and has some of my favorite ingredients;  shea butter, soymilk, and honey.  All of these yummy ingredients protects against breakage while providing long-lasting hydration and control. What I look for in a product after it’s dried is if it lock in moisture and maintain those sweet bouncy curls.  Secret: I used this on my natural 4B hair, and I might be hooked. Excellent slip for my tight curls and left plenty of definition. 

Just for Me Leav-In-Conditioner for multicultural hair#happyhairtime #5FingerChallenge

Leave-In Detangler

  • We didn’t use this as it wasn’t necessary.  Maybe on day two after she’s had a night and day with those curls, that’s when I typically use a detangler.  Just for Me Hair Milk products are to infuse the hair with moisture to prevent tangling and breakage (our biggest culprit). Her hair always needs help to restore her natural hair’s moisture, hopefully giving it flexibility and shine.

Just for Me Hair Care Products for multicultural hair#happyhairtime #5FingerChallenge

Go grab your little ones some Just For Me Hair Milk products that are available for an SRP of $5.49 at your local Walmart.  And if you do, tag your pics on twitter and instagram:

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