The twins just got out of school and I’m trying my best to pack as many local fun activities as I can into a short 3 week period so they can have some kind of summer vacation.  Year round school is no joke and I’m so glad we are over that hurdle.  


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Wanting to keep the first week around town I always look for activities that will tire my kids.  Is this wrong?  I just need to know their little bodies received a full day’s exercise (a.k.a. – mommy time).  Finally we had the time to check out Wet’n’Wild Las Vegas this summer and let me tell you, there are some things you need to know moms, grandparents, neighbors or friends that are taking kids to a water park.  In particular, this one; wet-n-wild.  

    1. Rent a cabana if it’s in the budget – we loved having a home base.  Why is this needed?  Well partly because of number 2 and the other half because if you’re going to be there all day (which you should) it’s great to put your feet up and not wait in the food lines because you have your own personal cabana server.  

      .  And the bees  will be out [it’s vegas]. The cabanas have curtain you can partially pull together. 

    2. No waiting in line -Buy the Xpress bands with your tickets.  We didn’t even know why we needed this until after we got there but oh how we did.  The Xpress bands allow you to not wait in the lines that everyone else is waiting in while you’re sitting in your cabana sipping on lemonade in the shade.  Seriously, I think we receive a little side eye on this one but so worth it. 
    3. Get the Action Photo Bracelet – You want to enjoy your time at the park and not carrying your cell phone around your neck or in a pouch.  Truthfully, when you’re on the rides and you see the sign that says photo-op; you will be amazed at how funny crazy you look and you’ll want that memory. 
    4. Food – This is a tough one.  Although we ended up purchasing food in the park for myself and cowboy, we have picky kids.  For the non-picky eaters that want easy, there are food items such as pizza, chicken fingers and lot’s of cool treats.  What would I do next time?  Get our hands stamped and head to my car for the cooler and go next door to the park and eat.  Or another option would be to go grab what I know they’ll eat and come back to enjoy the park.  
    5. Get the Season Pass early – Do this first!!!  I wish we had gotten our tickets earlier in the summer so we could enjoy it more.  There are enough perks to make sure you see your money’s worth by the end of summer season.

What were our favorite rides that we did over and over again?  

The Constrictor & The Tornado.  

The darkness in the Constrictor was so suspenseful and that made it fun.  We simply  had to do it over and over again.   From the mouths of our twins, the Tornado was the fastest water ride! And did I mention we got lucky that day and was able to see a little concert too!  Little Mix (my daughters fave, you probably know them by the song “Blackmajgic”) was there and performed two songs.  Up close and personal. 



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  • Great tips! The Xpress Bands, especially, are a great ‘fun investment’ for the family!

    Just shared this on our Twitter feed btw… 😉

    • Thanks for stepping into my blog space!! Truly love it when folks make it over here from a post. Totally agreed about the Xpress Bands..the best @lasvegaslocally:disqus !!

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