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And wait for it…The Wedding




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I don’t follow celebrity news like most. What I do follow are beautiful people and by that I mean; They believe in love, the art of respect and putting family first. Grab your glass of whatever, a box of tissue and your favorite person or people and share the beauty in this union between these two. It’s so beautiful. Our Kind of Beautiful!


What I loved most about their wedding is that they incorporated everyone there. It appeared they made everyone feel as special as they felt on their special day.  How amazing is that?  And what more can a bride want if not be marrying the man of her dreams but to have John Legend play the piano for your ceremony, I died!! 

Our wedding; didn’t look like this at all. But we have made love in this 25-year relationship. There were screaming kids, happy kids, our kids on the front row. It was everything I needed which was the four of us. One day, as stated before, we will renew our vows and the one thing I/we truly want it to be a reflection of our love for our family. 
I absolutely love, love! Don’t be shy, share your love story in the comments so we all can share in your love story as well!

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