2016 Legoland FamilyOur twins just weren’t the typical kids.  We knew that early on when we tried to take them to Disneyland.  Maybe it had something to do with their first experience at a theme park but it set the tone and we’ve never looked back.  Our kids are Legoland Kids!  

Yes, we live in Nevada but we are only a hop (6-hour drive), skip (1-hour flight to San Diego, 30+min drive to sunny Carlsbad) away!  But getting to Carlsbad is just half the fun.  We are ocean people too.  So being a Legoland Blogger is like having the best of both worlds; ocean and amusement park…score!!!!

Me, an adult product of being raised in Southern California and having season passes to all things amusement parks.   My husband, a cowboy that things he can take on the world;  one gadget at a time.  My twins, just lover of life and all things that walk it.  So I ask you; Are you ready for more of us Carlsbad?  We are so ready for more of you!!!

Do you live in Nevada or neighboring states?  What do you want to know this year in detail so I can get all the deets for you?  Let’s chat. And yes, I will still blog about all the things I love; interior design, food, family, photography and of course travel for 2016 🙂

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