Artform of Being a Gentleman  
Apparently “it” has become an almost lost art form that I desperately fell in love with when I met my husband – The Artform of Being a Gentleman and applying it to being a Modern Man.  It is indeed the chivalry ways of my cowboy that I fell in love with.  Paying attention when I spoke and bringing those very words later in the conversation.  The Details.  Everything is in the details:

  • How to polish your shoes
  • How many buttons on your jacket should be buttoned and when
  • The art of how to open a door for a lady and when
  • What type of hanky to have ready for a lady and which to have in your top pocket

All the above I’m so happy to say my little man is receiving guidance from his father/daddy.  

The Artform of Being a Gentleman is Practice :: daily practiceArtform of Being a Gentleman

Update:   I have no idea how I could forget to mention the best book to have.  See below.  

50 Things Every Young Gentleman should know is an amazing book, I highly recommend putting this book in your family library. Even if you do not have a son. You never know what children will pick up if it’s available to them. 
Let’s bring these qualities back folks.  Preparing for our tomorrow, today.  Investing in time together is the most important thing I can give to our twins. I have the fondest memories of the little things my father would show his love and respect to my mom. I absolutely knew I wanted those attributes in my husband. Do you have memories of your childhood that defined your partner in life?

  • Shelly

    I love EVERYTHING about this post! You are blessed to have such a wonderful husband. I have a GREAT one myself. It’s good to know our kids are getting the best teachings from home. Also, I can’t get over how grown up your son is. Handsome little man! God bless you all xoxo

    • Firstly, can I just say I love seeing your beautiful smile on my blog page! I miss blogging so much and need to do a better job at stopping by my favorites.
      Yes, my cowboy is my night and shinning armor ever since we met 26 years ago. Man do I feel old! I love watching them grow and flourish into the kind of people I would want to hang out with.
      Sending those blessings with a little extra on to you as well my friend.

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