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I knew I loved pillows but wasn’t sure just how much until I took account.  So this is what happened:  late yesterday evening around midnight (because that’s when most of the good shopping goes down with me), I was thinking that Pottery Barn , West Elm or Crate & Barrel are sure to be having some kind of president sale, right?  Then I saw it, the pillow cover I thought would look perfect for the bed I’m planning to get (in said mind) from Living Spaces by Spring. The pillow cover I want from West Elm at an amazing 70% off and Free Shipping! Shut the front door!!!  I just need to figure out how many I need.  Even though it was killing me not to click purchase, I waited until morning to make the final count – because we all know they always extend those sales just “one more day“.

Guess what? They didn’t!  I missed out on free shipping and had to pay $11.  That might not seem like a lot but when you know you could not have paid for shipping, aren’t you just a wee bit upset?  I was.

West Elm Crewel Circle Lattice Pillow Cover – Black/White

Now for the count, can you guess how many pillows I had just upstairs?  

Real Pillow Talk

We have 17 pillows…what <cue wide eyes>!  I was just a bit shocked and that was just the upstairs.  I did a little inventory downstairs and there was just as many down there.  

The one thing I like about the Williams-Sonoma Brand (Pottery Barn , West Elm , PB Teen & more) is that they sell the pillow covers separate from the inserts.  For a pillow hoarder like me apparently, this is key to eliminate clutter.  No more pillow buying <right now> just covers. 

Pillow Talk

So for now, I bit the bullet – paid my shipping and can’t wait to see the pillows in the master bedroom and adjacent game room. 

Please tell me I’m not the only one with a pillow obsession?

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