Do I have a Mother’s Day gift idea for you!  This Oily life has been so life changing for me and my family, it’s difficult not to share all that they have brought to the table for us to each and every person I speak with.   The incentive to purchase more (which I can attest to not being difficult at all) changes every month.  What does this mean?  This mean, every month when you purchase Young Living essential oils – depending upon the dollar amount – you’ll receive free products with your order.

Last Month I literally bought a few extra items that just put me to the amount I wanted to get the over 6 free items.  Items I’ve either never tried or items I always love having additional to place around the house or office.  No clue as to what I’m talking about? No worries, you can start here and work your way to the bottom of this post.  Instagram or Facebook are good places to gather more information on how to use essential oils as well. 

Young Living Essential Oils May Incentives | Mothers Day Gift Idea

The month of May is no exception.  Here’s all that you could be receiving just by getting good stuff to take care of you and your family and saving money in the long run:  

Young Living Essential Oils May Incentives | Mothers Day Gift Idea

And if you thought to yourself, “this is too expensive – just can’t afford it now ”  Guess what?  You can!  Young Living recently announced that you can pay with your PayPal account and cut that amount down with monthly payments.  Here’s yet another opportunity to bring this lifestyle change that you’ve wanted to fruition.  Click to get those details here

Ready to order the gift that will keep on giving beyond one day?  Click HERE.  I’m available to guide you through the process or your alternatively view them here. 

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