Parents – what do you do when your child destroys a loved possession that you have adored forever?  Well, you love on them anyway because you were that age at one point too; then run to Amazon to purchase MastaPlasta – DIY Leather Repair Kit.

Masta PlastaGot a call Sunday morning, it was my cowboy.  He needed us to come pick him up from an undisclosed location (just check out my Instagram feed for very cool pottery mug).  Jumped in the car and threw my bag in the back seat.  My cuter than life child unintentionally pressed down on my bag and up popped my shiny favorite pen.  I heard, “uh oh.”  

Nothing good could come from your sweet little people when they start a sentence with uh oh –  nothing good I say, nothing.

Keeping with my always honest tone –  I received a few pieces of Masta Plasta to redo my chairs in the master bedroom.  We have had so much going on I had not had a chance to get the post ready and actually repair the chair.  I am so glad I did not.  Having the selection of leather pieces that fit this bag even better than the chair(s) worked out to my benefit.   What comes next is a series of steps I took to regain my composure and belief that I could keep my kids around my favorite bag again:

Road to Recovery

  • First Step – Cry.  I did, I cried.  Couldn’t believe my favorite bag had a puncture wound. 
  • Second Step – rip open  Masta Plasta and pray the color will look great against my favorite said bag.
  • Third Step – Gleam with joy that the said piece is not only going to match but fits the hole perfectly and makes it look even more amazing. 

DIY Leather Repair Kit

Do you see my dilemma?  I am a true believer that things happen for a reason. There was a reason I had not done the arms of my chairs yet. All things aligned, I have a new bag
I will not be lying when I tell you that I love it more now than before.  I have broken this purse in and it has storage for all my favorite goodies.  Now it has a super fun round emblem on the front side.  Love !

DIY Leather Repair Kit

with Love, 

Masta Plasta

To purchase your Masta Plasta before an emergency happens, visit


DIY Leather Repair Kit

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