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As a Las Vegas Blogger, I thought I would play around with the title of this post because let’s face it, Google needs to do a bit more in a day (inside joke). I have officially been blogging since 2005. From the blogger platform to the easy to use WordPress platform.  Every subscriber, friend, and reader that I have has been acquired has been through countless hours of work – not purchased, which seems to be an option now in the blogging/social media/influencer world. So proud of this!

Recap of 2017

I love to recap at the end of every year to see my growth, to identify what goals I had for the year and determine if they actually came to fruition.  2017 was a hard year for me and my family.  We lost my father-in-law and my only sister in June. Even though we weren’t the conventional idea of siblings (we had major personality differences), she was the only one on the planet that really knew or understood me without the need to explain. The one that shared a bed with me before my husband and the one that I piled many of buggers onto before the morning hours 🙂 .  Having so much death close to home brought everything to the forefront for me:

  1. How I feel about me.
  2. How I felt about my sister.
  3. How I felt about our relationship.
  4. How I feel about now being an only child.
  5. How I feel about my own children. 
  6. How I feel about family and the support they are supposed to bring**this one is a sore topic**.
  7. How I feel about the friends and blood family that are in my life.
  8. How I felt about Facebook and the false sense of family/friendship it brings in our daily lives. 
  9. How I feel about self-reliant, self-independent and non-entitled children both under and over the age of 18. 


I have been forced to re-evaluate everything and everyone in my life this year and in retrospect, I am both humbled and grateful.  

  1. I no longer have the Facebook app on my phone just the Pages Admin for my blogs.
  2. I no longer receive FB notifications of any sort (and I’m ok with that for now but of course that could change)
  3. I focus only on the things & people that are actually present and actually in my life. Tending to them takes time and care and I want to give it to them. 
  4. I now think daily about where I want to be and who I want to be there with within the next 20-40 years (it goes fast folks, it really does).  How I can get there in a healthy way and what I need to support this idea. 
  5. I cry. Openly and often about the things that hurt me. Call it weak, call it what you like but I get through it as the situation arises because dealing with it in the moment is much easier than suppressing it, holding it in and then receiving a sneak attack when something in life brings it up. 
  6. I allow our kids to see my husband and I disagree/argue. I let them see how people naturally disagree, how to find a solution and move on. This has been the biggest breakthrough for me. 

Blogging in 2018

Blogging for me has always been a way to connect, express and document my life.  Even though now the media would like to lump everyone together as “influencers”, I am a blogger first and foremost. I love to share what works and what I’m up to. It’s in my nature.  If my subscribers learn a few things or are enlightened/interested in my occasional posts or social media shares, that’s amazing and I welcome meeting new people to my core.  But I am a blogger and always will be!

Every year I write/say that I want to blog more. The truth is I work out of the home full-time now since initially starting this blog where I did not and by the time I get home I’m spent. The last thing I want to do is spend another 3-4 hours on the computer preparing posts. But I do Instagram, regularly and love it. In fact, our little fur babies have their own Instagram as well. Instagram brings me the kind of joy blogging use to do before it became saturated by so many.  Do I still need to blog? Yes! Documenting and sharing is something that I want to stay in touch with forever and there’s nothing more fulfilling than connecting with a brand or individual that we hold in the highest regard. 

Family forward In 2018

Of course, I will say I plan on blogging more; I do! Will it happen?  I’m not sure but I will tell you I share a ton of my everything on Instagram, Insta-story (so you’ll want to follow to get these notifications).  Facebook isn’t always my goto share space for my Instagram posts. Nonetheless, Instagram is where you’ll want to catch me first. 

I want:

  • to spend more time with our twins.
  • our twins to know me.
  • our twins to know how their father and I truly are as individual people. 
  • to connect spiritually more. This one tugs at my heart regularly. Being raised in the church and by that I mean; I went to a Christian school Mon-Fri, then went to church on Sunday and Bible study on Wednesdays. Oh yes, the church was apart of my daily bread and I miss it. I’ve said that Las Vegas and their “Mega-Churches” just haven’t drawn me in the way the churches did in my past and what I’m used to but my goal is to serve the lord – that is all. Location is also key, I will make every excuse in the book if something isn’t close. Going forward, no excuses!  mega-Church or not; I’m there to worship in the house of the lord and that does not require me to become MEGA!


Did you see that?  I kind of set goals for myself and didn’t even outline it. Love that! Nothing crazy and highly obtainable.  Reading more!!  Following along if you like on Good Reads. I love the community over there. 


That is it. I’m hoping for the same things you are this year. Love, family, health and to always be humble. Blessings to you and yours for 2018!

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