Las Vegas Lifestyle Blogger

I blog!  I’m a lifestyle blogger based out of Las Vegas, NV and I love life every day. I married the cowboy of my dreams, 26 years strong. I’m mommy to boy & girl twins that couldn’t be more different. Determined to make everyday the most beautiful day I can.

I have blogged for over 11 years.  When blogging was a hobby and not a financial career move.  Although there’s nothing wrong with having the freedom, discipline and joy blogging can bring to your life. 

I have met the most amazing people, collaborated with brands I only could dream of and look forward to more in the future.  With so many blogging now it’s tough to catch the attention of a reader.  However, I that doesn’t mean when I post there is any less intent of connecting if even one person .  

So if you love home interior-design, in love with your family, cooking or undercover foodie, essential oils, traveling and photography…pull up your digital device & stay awhile.  Those are all the things I love to write about, chat about on my social networks with and will spam your feed with all kinds of beautiful. Join me!

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