May Mother's Day Promotion

Life with Essential Oils: Mothers Day Gift Idea

Do I have a Mother’s Day gift idea for you!  This Oily life has been so life changing for me and my family, it’s difficult not to share all that they have brought to the table for us to each and every person I speak with.   The incentive to purchase more (which I can…

Boys Room Reveal: Basketball & Aviation Love

Boys Room Reveal: Basketball & Aviation Love

I can remember growing up in my average sized bedroom with a twin bed, a doll house (until age 11), a record player – dating myself for sure, a lingerie cabinet and a picture window that I loved staring out of.  Nothing fancy but it was mine.  No attached bathroom,  we shared a bathroom for…


Pillow Talk

Are you here from my Instagram? Thanks for popping over. I knew I loved pillows but wasn’t sure just how much until I took account.  So this is what happened:  late yesterday evening around midnight (because that’s when most of the good shopping goes down with me), I was thinking that Pottery Barn , West Elm or…

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