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Real Bodies: Las Vegas Exhibit

Real Bodies: Las Vegas Exhibit I love when my family does Vegas like a tourist.  We pack our “hang out all day” gear and head to the strip-like all the other tourist do to experience Vegas like no other. We’ve resided in Las Vegas for 17 years and always hunt down any experiences that our twins…

DIY Leather Repair Kit

DIY Leather Repair Kit to the Rescue

Parents – what do you do when your child destroys a loved possession that you have adored forever?  Well, you love on them anyway because you were that age at one point too; then run to Amazon to purchase MastaPlasta – DIY Leather Repair Kit. Got a call Sunday morning, it was my cowboy.  He needed…

May Mother's Day Promotion

Life with Essential Oils: Mothers Day Gift Idea

Do I have a Mother’s Day gift idea for you!  This Oily life has been so life changing for me and my family, it’s difficult not to share all that they have brought to the table for us to each and every person I speak with.   The incentive to purchase more (which I can…

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