Young Living Paypal Checkout

Young Living Paypal Option | $27/mo

If the title didn’t resonate within you, I’m hoping this post will.  I can’t speak enough about how these little bottles of oils have transformed my life.  Everything worth having is worth the effort physically and mentally, and I’m/we are doing the work every day.   I strive to be the best mom, wife, and…

Art form of Being a Gentleman

The Artform of Being a Gentleman & The Modern Man

   Apparently “it” has become an almost lost art form that I desperately fell in love with when I met my husband – The Artform of Being a Gentleman and applying it to being a Modern Man.  It is indeed the chivalry ways of my cowboy that I fell in love with.  Paying attention when I…

The Truth About Marriage

The Truth about Marriage: 3 Questions to Think About

As young girls, we have marriage symbolized in our minds to mimic our Barbie dolls. Barbie is well put together; Ken or Ken type is well groomed. Barbie and Ken’s house; immaculate. No conversation or dialogue of any sort happens that you do not want because there is one voice. Yours.  Fast-forward to two adult…

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