Guess who’s blogging more about Legoland?

Our twins just weren’t the typical kids.  We knew that early on when we tried to take them to Disneyland.  Maybe it had something to do with their first experience at a theme park but it set the tone and we’ve never looked back.  Our kids are Legoland Kids!  

Yes, we live in Nevada but we are only a hop (6-hour drive), skip (1-hour flight to San Diego, 30+min drive to sunny Carlsbad) away!  But getting to Carlsbad is just half the fun.  We are ocean people too.  So being a Legoland Blogger is like having the best of [...]

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What are your goals for 2016?

Popping in to wish everyone the best in 2016.  Dream BIG and reach far, you never know where you will land. 



What are you planning?  

Whatever you do, put your heart and soul into it.  Be it a season, a reason or a lifetime…make it the best you can!  Here’s to 2016!


Happy New Year?


If you need a little guidance for 2016, I’de love to share with you what we use every year as a guide. Nothing to deep, just a little help to stay on track for the year: Click HERE and download our Family Plan.

Looking [...]

Ciao Bella Gelato: Seasonal Limited Editions


What did you do this past weekend?  My cowboy’s birthday came and went this Sunday but not without giving him little pieces of favorites.  I orchestrated a mini buffet of all of his favorites.  We were invited to try the amazingly awesome sounding seasonal limited edition Ciao Bella, but our Whole Foods didn’t carry them.  

Mulled Apple Cider sorbetto brings ripe, crisp and sweet apples together into a juicy sorbet with Ciao Bella’s signature blend of mulled spices.
Honey Almond Nougat gelato folds crumbled honey almond torrone, a must-have in Italy during the holidays, into a creamy gelato base [...]

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