Between the Music Lies the Truth | Daddy’s Girl

Growing up, on the weekends my father always started the day by playing music; loudly. All your favorite jams streaming through the bedroom doors and windows that were waking you up ever so gently. The smell of food cooking forced your feet to hit the floor.

I remember thinking, “who wouldn’t want to wake up with the sound of music and smell of your favorite breakfast cooking?” You knew once your feet hit the kitchen floor, there was going to be an array of tongue delights to keep your tummy happy for hours.
Grits, bacon, pancakes, eggs, fruit; cut up [...]

Just For Me Hair Milk products | My Secrets Out

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Sunday in our house is hair day. I’m either, touching my hair up with Henna, deep conditioning mine or my daughter’s hair or cutting my husband and son’s hair.  Sunday = hair day, point-blank and period :-).  I almost always thought that whatever I do to my hair is good for my daughter’s hair just a little less of it since her hair is extremely fine and tangles easily.  I traditionally co-wash her hair once [...]

5 Tips For doing Wet’n’Wild Las Vegas Right

The twins just got out of school and I’m trying my best to pack as many local fun activities as I can into a short 3 week period so they can have some kind of summer vacation.  Year round school is no joke and I’m so glad we are over that hurdle.  

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Wanting to keep the first week around town I always look for activities that will tire my kids.  Is this wrong?  I just need to know their little bodies received a full day’s exercise [...]

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