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Go Ninja Go NingoGo

If you’re looking for us this spring and you can’t find us at Legoland, we’ll be scoping out the new NinjaGo ride at Legoland!   My son:  “Dude, it’s inside!” My daughter:  “Dude, it’s red!” My son:  “Dude, this ride has a different ending everytime.” My daughter:  Nu Uh….dude, I can’t wait!”   Seriously, this…

Legoland Blogger

Guess who’s blogging more about Legoland?

Our twins just weren’t the typical kids.  We knew that early on when we tried to take them to Disneyland.  Maybe it had something to do with their first experience at a theme park but it set the tone and we’ve never looked back.  Our kids are Legoland Kids!   Yes, we live in Nevada…

What are your goals for 2016?

Popping in to wish everyone the best in 2016.  Dream BIG and reach far, you never know where you will land.      What are you planning?   Whatever you do, put your heart and soul into it.  Be it a season, a reason or a lifetime…make it the best you can!  Here’s to 2016!…