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Pillow Talk

Are you here from my Instagram? Thanks for popping over. I knew I loved pillows but wasn’t sure just how much until I took account.  So this is what happened:  late yesterday evening around midnight (because that’s when most of the good shopping goes down with me), I was thinking that Pottery Barn , West Elm or…

Art form of Being a Gentleman

The Artform of Being a Gentleman & The Modern Man

   Apparently “it” has become an almost lost art form that I desperately fell in love with when I met my husband – The Artform of Being a Gentleman and applying it to being a Modern Man.  It is indeed the chivalry ways of my cowboy that I fell in love with.  Paying attention when I…

our kind of beautiful

Why I’m Jumping into 2017 

Absolutely looking forward to everyday in 2017. Why? The unknown and possibilities of course. More family time. Healthier hair. Watching our twins blossom into young adults. Loving my husband like no time before. Growing and learning more about me and my heritage. More friend time. It’s all so exciting isn’t it? What are you looking…

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