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Go Ninja Go NingoGo

If you’re looking for us this spring and you can’t find us at Legoland, we’ll be scoping out the new NinjaGo ride at Legoland!  
My son:  “Dude, it’s inside!”

My daughter:  “Dude, it’s red!”

My son:  “Dude, this ride has a different ending everytime.”

My daughter:  Nu Uh….dude, I can’t wait!”

Seriously, this conversation went on for about 5 minutes.  Twin talk is just like all kid talk, it’s hilarious and should always be filmed  :-)

I’ll admit I’m slightly stoked that they are using technology never experienced at any other theme park [...]

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Guess who’s blogging more about Legoland?

Our twins just weren’t the typical kids.  We knew that early on when we tried to take them to Disneyland.  Maybe it had something to do with their first experience at a theme park but it set the tone and we’ve never looked back.  Our kids are Legoland Kids!  

Yes, we live in Nevada but we are only a hop (6-hour drive), skip (1-hour flight to San Diego, 30+min drive to sunny Carlsbad) away!  But getting to Carlsbad is just half the fun.  We are ocean people too.  So being a Legoland Blogger is like having the best of [...]

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Mind, Body and Soul: Trump Kids Roll Out the Red Carpet

The Spa at Trump® International Hotel™ Las Vegas
As a parent, a mom, we want, our twins to have the best start possible for their beautiful journey in life.  We try to make their spaces beautiful, not because we’re materialistic but because we want them to have a sense of pride in their self and surrounds.  I teach my daughter that loving yourself is partly about taking care of yourself and partly about self-pride and knowing your worth. For a 10-year-old, that’s tough to grasp so I try my best to offer this insight through experiences. Her experiences!

So happy [...]